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Fabric is essential and although most dresses these days are made of net or chiffon, you might also find a wide range of cotton and silk ones online. The cotton designs are apt for summers and as office wear. If you are slim and need to look full, then opt in for a sexy white gown. Don’t go in for a well fitted dress; instead opt in for one that’s a little loose in order to make you look big. Silk dresses are also a great option for slim women.

Soft cotton is ideal for women who are a little heavy. Heavier women should opt in for well fitted tops that flow down well. This will make them look slimmer and taller. Chiffon and soft silk dresses are apt for heavy women and can be worn for various occasions.

If you are on the heavy side, it’ important to choose a fabric that takes the shape of your body in the right manner. This makes your body looked shapelier. It’s important to choose a well fitted outfit instead of one that just hands lose on your body. A heavy woman should never choose fabrics that stretch and cling to the body. This accentuates the body in a bad way and makes you look larger. Slim women on the other hand should opt in for heavy silk, cotton and jute fabrics. If you are slim and want to opt in for chiffon or other free flowing fabrics you should get designs that are not too clingy. This makes you look fuller and gives the impression of a curvy body.

They are a number of designs, fabrics and patterns that can be put together to create the perfect dress or lawn dress depending on your body type. Always choose designs that you know you will be able to pull off and will be comfortable dawning. These days there are a number of online websites that help women choose the right outfit.