Best Beverages To Drink While Playing Dota 2

Getting to play Dota 2 is one thing. Having something to drink while playing is another. If you want to have more fun with the game, and feel like getting something to drink is what you need, then this article is for you.

Hot Coffee

For sure you want to be alert when playing Dota 2. Well, hot cup of coffee is what you need. It got loads of caffeine, enough to spice up your senses when playing. Your next clash and ambush will surely be more focused on precise after sipping some coffee.

Soda Float

Feel refreshed when drinking soda float. Not only does this wake you up, but this also gives you energy because of the sugar present in it. This is just what you need to be more alert and refreshed when playing.

Energy Drink

Energy is what you need when playing. You don’t want to feel sleepy or tired. And though Dota 2 is a video game, you still need to be energized mentally and physically so that your eyes, hands, and body will coordinate with one another. Grab a bottle of energy drink from the fridge and gobble one up before a game.

Chocolate Shake

Chocolate shake is another delicious beverage to drink while playing. It’s sweet and will make you feel happier, because that’s what sweets do, right? Also, they don’t deplete easily so you’ll most likely have them throughout the game.


But if you’re not really into the beverages mentioned above, maybe what you need is the plain old water. It hydrates you and gives you the essential nutrients to play at your highest level. Follow our advice and have these beverages. When you do, then you’re most likely going to have lots of Dota 2 boosting to get.