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50 Drivers Win Appeals On Oxford Road Fines – Due To Inadequate Signage

Around 150,000 motorists have been fined on the Oxford Road restricted zones last week which have netted almost £9 million for the honorable council since 2017 September. As of now, 55 appeals have met with success and 52 fines have been overturned based on a veteran independent adjudicator’s claim of improper or inadequate signage Brisbane.

However, the council has stated that it has effectively counter-appealed 6 of those. Now that implies, 46 appeals that have been confirmed by the council to be not contending, will still stand. These are:

  • 40 between in between the Nelson Street & Hathersage Road
  • 3 in between the Charles Street & Brancaster Road
  • 3 in between Whitworth Street & Chepstow Street

However, the council authorities have repeatedly insisted that the signage is perfectly adequate and this is in spite of 149,898 motorists falling foul of so called “bus gates” imposed by the council.

A spokesperson from the council have stressed that all signage accurately comply with all the legal requirements that are standard for signage design and direction. He further stated that the council is aware of the claims of improper signage as made by some adjudicators and has requested details from these law officials regarding the issue.

However a motorist has aptly pointed out that the immense sum of fines (149,898 as stated above) stand as proof enough for the claim of inadequate signage. He himself has had been a victim and he certainly wants a positive change to stop this foul play.

In fact, some motorists have also raised the question about the correctness of “bus lane contravention”. According to them the fines that are imposed by the council may not be appropriate in regards to the measures taken here. Some of them have even gone to the extent of claiming that these controversial signage issues are being abused by the council as a revenue-raising measure.

But the council has repeatedly denied such claims.