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7 Dreamy Tuscan Villas For Rent

Majestic Tuscan villas have always been the epitome of a dreamy vacation. Are you too on plans to stay in a Tuscan villa on your upcoming Roman holiday? That’s great and here is a brief on 7 dreamy Tuscan villas for rent.

Ca di Pesa

Nestled amidst a spectacular scenic vista, the villa is one of the most sought after apartments for rent in Chianti. Bright olive groves and scenic award-winning vineyards surround the beauty like a dream. Ca di Pesa is your ultimate destination for the perfect summer holiday marked by breezy poolside fun, breathtaking views, fine wine and eclectic gourmet. It houses 12 bedrooms as well as 8.5 baths.

Casale Pieve

Posh and highly sophisticated, this charming villa houses 4 bedrooms & 4.5 baths. It’s close to the beautiful Castelmuzio where you can walk up to for coffee, a concert or dining. It’s in-house is obviously one of its best attractions and so are its luxe rooms that speak of classic luxury.

Il Mugnello

Imagine relaxing by a plush outdoor pool that overlooks lush green valley and majestic mountains on the other side! Well, that’s this Il Mugnello for you. Located near Siena, this lovely Tuscan villa houses 10 bedrooms & 10 baths.

La Civetta

If your summer holiday means a plush villa with a golden private beach overlooking the sea, La Civetta is your dream home in Tuscan. Mesmerizing interiors layer the villa while its great onsite pool creates a truly inviting ambience. The villa houses 7 bedrooms and 6 baths.

Villa delle Vigne

This classic family estate is an exclusive blend of old-world elegance and modern amenities. Gracious staff will welcome you at every step to ensure a truly welcoming stay. It houses 9 bedrooms & 9 baths.

 Villa D’Orcia

Located atop hilltop, this luxury villa offers breathtaking views of charming Tuscan countryside. It houses 8 bedrooms & 8.5 baths.

Villa Palazzetta

Located at Montalcino, this plush villa is surrounded by a panoramic view of olive trees and vineyards. An onsite azure pool completes the look. The villa houses 4 bedrooms & 5 baths.