The Best Brawl Star Cheats And Hacks To Crack The Game

Brawl Star is one of the most trending games and has got many people hooked to itself. It is one of the best games developed by Super cell, especially for action lovers. It has already won the hearts of people around the globe. However, the hacks and cheats are all that people look for to boost their game and enthusiasm in it. Let’s dive into some of the best cheats to get you going!


The Top Brawl Star Cheats

  1. The Brawlers Tip

Find the brawlers in the brawl boxes to get amazing surprises. So just start collecting the tokens and get those power points from the brawl box. Use the right brawlers because they do determine your game ultimately.

  1. Unlock More Game Modes

Grabbing the gems and coins and tickets are all a part of the game. These can also help you unlock the different game mode. Trophies too contribute towards newer modes getting opened.

  1. Token Doublers and Trophies

You can use your gems to double up the value using the Token Double hack. Trophies can be gained by playing very diligently and acting in defence, hiding in the bushes in case of danger and so on. Once you reach say a mark of 1500 trophies, they will start coming to you at a greater pace.

  1. Tokens Cheat

You can get more than 30 tokens in just a few seconds. All you need to do is click on the game mode when it switches to a new map in Brawl Stars.



Brawl Star cheats are all you need to get up the ladder and be the champion. Defeat the opponent and enjoy the victory. You need to focus on the brawlers as well its quality. There are plenty of websites and hack apps as well but you must do thorough research over whether these are legitimate or not. Else, you would only end up wasting your time. Try these simple hacks to unleash the power of your game.