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Some Glorified On-screen Relationships That are Actually Toxic

Relationships are generally nurtured with love, care and great communication between two people. A healthy relationship can be in many forms and there are traits that are needed to achieve one. This is a two-way process, both persons involved in the relationship should be committed to make it work in order to succeed.

However, these days, TV shows and movies are showing us stories about the magic of love and relationships. These romantic stories are good to watch and fantasize with but they sometimes mislead us with the reality of relationships.

Here are some on-screen relationships that we might not think toxic:

  1. The Notebook’s Noah and Allie

This is an adorable movie but analyzing the scenes can be very disturbing. There are some indications that the relationship is quite toxic. Noah is obviously manipulating Allie when he pushed her to go out on a date with him by threatening her to kill himself.

  1. Twilight’s Edward and Bella

Isn’t it exciting that this story is about a vampire and a human? Edward used to be Bella’s stalker who sneaks in her room just to watch her sleep at night. This is not a good thing to start with. And then he left her without explaining why.

  1. Romeo + Juliet’s Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet

This couple created the concept of love at first sight, the teenage love that can be very impulsive. Romeo like the cousin of Juliet initially and she was just the second choice. Romeo also used to stalk Juliet in her room. They even want to get married from day one and wanted to die together after barely a week. It looks like if Juliet gives Romeo a spanish fly, he will be obliged to. Now, is this how mature people handle relationships?

These are just some of the examples of toxic relationships that have been romanticized by the movies. Relationships should be real and should not be based on what we see on TVs or movies. You can surely be in serious trouble if you will be inspired by what they portray on the screen.