8 Things You Need To Know If You Love Mobile Gaming

With the advent on

Judi Online, mobile gaming too has become quite popular. If you too enjoy mobile gaming, make sure to keep the following 8 things in mind:

Look for mobiles with a “Game” mode

Smartphones which come with a specific “game” mode are less liable to battery drainage and use up less RAM as incoming notifications are disabled in the mode. This ensures a smooth gaming experience.

Ensure your phone doesn’t heat up

Long gaming hours can lead to your phone getting heated up, which is bad for its CPU/GPU. Try playing in a cool area and not for very long hours.

Choose low settings over visual exactness

To have a smooth gaming experience, it is advisable to settle for low settings as the game will optimize visuals compatible with your phone’s hardware, which at times can be low.

Charge your battery to the full

It is recommended that you start playing games on your smartphone only after the battery is at 100%. You’ll have better performance that way.

Make use of custom ROM or Kernel

You can flash custom kernels on your Android smartphone, or have performance-focused custom ROM’s, which are keys to vast system-level customizations.

Turn off background services

You should choose to turn off unnecessary background services like those from your mail app or Facebook to have a smooth gaming experience.

Turn on Developer options

In certain situations, turning on the developer options on your Android smartphone can give you better visual experience. However ensure to turn it off after gaming as it tends to drain battery fast.

Search game specific tips on the internet

This is applicable for any particular game. You can always look out for apps and tips on the internet for that game.