6 Creative Instagram Post Ideas To Share On Instagram

Are you looking to rake up your follower level on Instagram? The image-based social networking site is excellent for promoting your brand message and offerings. Thus, a growing follower base will do much to enhance the popularity of your brand. The post below shares some smart creative tips for Instagram posts.

Share tips

People love to read and receive helpful suggestions. Thus, rather than posting just plain pictures, amp up your Instagram posts with handy tips that your audience may find useful. For example, let’s say your picture is about your new earring collection. In that case, you can share a bonus tip about the outfits that will match the earring.

Pictures from unique angles

Experiment with various new angles for your photos and post them on your Instagram account. Your audience is always looking for something new. So, if you can show them something that has never been shown before- it will surely pique their interest.

Count on user-generated content

According to leading blogging resource, user-generated content on your profile helps to leverage the credibility quotient for your account and brand. User-generated content means contents which are shared by followers and your community. It’s like having an impartial and neutral person speaking great things about your brand.

Share background insights

People are curious to know what goes on behind an interesting image. They would love to learn about the story or history or inspiration behind the image, little nuances about it, the location and other background details. So, it would be a good idea to share the insights behind your best posts to pull in more viewers.

Add a humorous punch

Humor usually sells. Thus, if you can get a punchy meme or GIF or a cool graphic relevant to your images or brand or collections- make sure to share them on Instagram. It will certainly add a new edge to your posts.

Mention somebody else

Create a post celebrating somebody else’s work or achievements. Chances are high that person too would return the favor by mentioning you in his posts.