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How to Make Beer Labels

Apart from a good tasting beer, beer labels are also essential to the success of each and every beer crafter. From giving the right name for each and every beer and affixing the label for each can or bottle, beer labels plays a very important role in making a successful brewery. A quick guide below tells you how to properly design and making your own trademark for your own beer.

First of the list is of course, giving your beer a name. Without it, it’ll leave no mark for each and every beer drinker. Depending on your target market, create a name that will surely catch everyone’s attention once they thought of drinking a beer. Once you have already a name for it, decide next on what’s the appropriate size for your beer label. Beer cans and bottles do come in different shapes and sizes so you might want to take note of that. Once you have the first two important elements, it is time to use your imagination in designing your beer labels.

There is handful of image editing programs that could aide you in designing. Photoshop and Microsoft Paint could also be useful if necessary. Depending on your materials, carefully set the dimensions that will be appropriate to its size. Add the desired text and images to create catchy label. For sticker paper, choose one that will not smudge and inks will not easily blot. For printer inks, don’t use inks that are being used in printing documents. Check your local shop for oil-based for lasting effect.

Now that you are ready to print, get ready with your scissors and cut them after depending on the design you made out of it. Affix the sticker paper onto the can or bottle right after printing. Enjoy your hard work!