Clash Of Clans: Guide On Getting 3-Stars Using Falcon Attack Strategy

What it is:

Falcon Attack, sometimes coined as the  coc hack deutsch , is one of the strongest attack strategies you can employ that can obtain 3-star-ratings in Multiplayer battles and Clan Wars against Town Halls 9-12. With the recent changes in the game, this method has become even stronger and more powerful.

What you need:

  • Valkyries – these are the main component of this attack as they deal massive damage, can kill ground defenders easily, and can destroy walls in one hit, especially when under Rage spells.
  • Queen Walk, Healers, and other troops – mainly to create a successful funnel
  • Healing spells and Poison spells – to protect Valkyries against air defenders which they’re pretty vulnerable to.

Preparation and Funneling:

The key points of this strategy are successful funneling, well-timed deployment and spell casting. Ideally, you start your attack on the opposite side of the Town Hall with the Queen Walk and Healers. Deploy other troops such as Archers and Wizards on the other corner to clean the outer base so that when you start to drop the Valkyries, they will have nowhere to go but towards the middle.

Falcon Attack:

Once the outer part has been cleared out, deploy the Valkyries, usually with Giants, Bowlers or Wall breakers, and let them hack away through the enemy base towards the middle.

Use of Spells and Finishing the attack:

Once the Valkyries are deployed, timing of spells is very important. Use Rage spells to increase the damage of the Valkyries and Heal spells to keep them alive during the raid, but be careful not to use both at the same time to maximize the healing potential of the Healing spells. You can then use other troops to help clean out the entire base.