Hay Day Hack: Free Diamonds And Coins

When playing Hay Day, you would know that getting diamonds and coins are extremely tricky. However, there are different hacks and cheats to go about this. Hay Day players from all over the world refer to these tricks. A simple google search will come up with millions of results for English, Deutsch, hay day cheats deutsch and probably more in other languages!

Check out these hay day cheats to get free diamonds and coins.

Hay Day Cheats and Tricks

Make use of the delivery board

This is considered the most effective way to get more gold and an upgrade. If you were not able to complete an order, just wait for a new one! No need to worry about it too much. You will probably get another order that will give you more gold than the previous one.

You know about the newspaper hack, right?

If you ignored the newspaper before, then you were definitely missing on some free coins. The next time you see it, use it! You can also use other’s newspaper to get more coins for yourself. This hack is definitely one of the most underrated.

Do not take your roadside stand for granted!

In your roadside stand, you can check out the magazine to see what other players are doing. Different techniques will definitely help you strategize your own game! Learn from others, they say.

Treasure is a treasure!

You are bound to find a treasure chest sometime and take whatever you can from it, gold and coins. Also, you need the look for it as it won’t magically appear in front of you. But we assure you that it will be worth it.

Good luck with your game! Keep posted for more cheats and tricks to level up your hay day game.