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Coming with an explanation on sexual health is a complex undertaking, as every civilization, subculture and people has different standards of sexual health. Sexual health is an indication of well being regarding sexual life that includes the body, the feelings, psychological, society and religious scope. Sexual is a component that should be based on an optimistic, fair and regardful of sexuality, relationships and reproduction and free from fear, violence and shame.

Concepts and standards about sexual life and health come from a range of causes with medicine, science, social custom, religion and personal experience. The interpretation of sexual health is represented by distinction and affected by culture, religion, economic status and others. Bear in mind as well that interpretations of sexual health might vary and must not be taken as a strict rule.

Ways to become sexually healthy

Sexual health is a significant part of life. It can be influenced by other features of health that includes physical, mental, emotional and social health. Being sexually healthy means you are fully informed, cautious and attentive to yourself and others. It also implies that you are appreciating yourself sexually in a certain way you are comfortable with.

Here are ways to be aware of what is sexual health according to Revel Body:

  1. Sexual health together with general health

Sexually healthy means that you’re appreciating personal desire, sexuality and gender expression. Sexual health is also general health as it betters longevity, lessens chronic medical illness, boost happiness and better sleep. It is also about intimacy, affection and connection.

  1. Keeping a sincere and free communication

Being sexually healthy is keeping an upbeat and healthy relationship, by means of safe sex routines, wise decision and keeping a sincere and free communication.

  1. Everybody deserves a healthful sex life

Keeping sexual pleasure beyond hurt, shame, remorse or as an obligation and appreciating sexual pleasure as a practice in your life to gain health benefits like alleviating stress, regulating hormones and others.


Sexual health is not something you must handle by yourself. It’s a matter you should speak about with people you entrust and love. You can speak about what is deemed safe and dangers of definite conduct.