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Managing Keywords To Your Ranking’s Benefit

One of the most common mistakes a website administrator makes is not targeting any keywords for the articles they publish in their websites. This cannot be stressed enough, it is necessary for an SEO professional to check their Google keyword ranking for target keywords.

Once you’ve properly utilized target keywords in writing an SEO-optimized post, your next responsibility will be to keep track of search engine rankings and find out which keywords are strong or not using a niche finder. This will help you work on using the strongest keywords to increase the chances of getting a better ranking in search engines.

Here are some tools that you can use to check target keyword rankings in Google:

  1. SEMrush

A complete solution for keyword checking, this can show you the currently ranking keywords with just a website URL. This tool supports both Bing and Google, which is why this is one of the go-to tools for keyword rankings.

  1. Ahrefs

A perfect alternative to SEMrush, this tool is packed with great features.. Most notable would be the automatic detection of what keyword your website is ranking for specific to your country.

  1. Google Rank Checker

This is an excellent free utility which helps you track keyword positioning in Google results. You just type in the keywords along with the domain name, and will let you know the specific position of that keyword is in Google.

  1. AccuRanker

A dedicated keyword position tracker with an intuitive interface, perfect for those who are still getting started. AccuRanker is fast and accurate, and shows a preview of search result snapshots with a single click.

  1. SERPS’s Keyword Rank checker

A popular free Keyword rank checker tool which shows not just search engine position but also CPC and search volume data for any keyword or phrase.