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5 Kinds of Software a Civil Engineer Must Know

Civil Engineering is an interesting field and one where it requires several programs to learn and be familiar with. This is because you will be dealing with modeling buildings and networks, scheduling several teams, analyzing computations, and simulating your work. These programs are all very helpful in the long run.

As early as now, it would be best if you practice working on the software you need. Below are 5 civil engineering software you are likely to use in your future work:

AutoCad Civil 3D

This software is used in drafting designs needed in your field. This can help you create plans for documentation process in construction. The wide array of simulation tools included in this program will let you create such detailed plans.

AutoCad Civil 3D can be downloaded at Get Into Pc.

3ds Max

3ds Max is known as a popular software for rendering and animation of 3D elements. Most game developers and movies use 3ds Max. For civil engineering, this is used for designing models of buildings or even an entire city block.

Geo Studio

Civil engineering will introduce you to geotechnical work. This requires you to analyze stress deformations, stabilities of a slope and the like. Geo Studio is a software that allows you to do geotechnical analysis. This is one program you definitely should try out.


For structural designs, you may use STAAD Pro. They are used in designing buildings and can be quite useful during every planning stage of a project.


You’ve dealt with an Excel program before. Well it’s no surprise you’ll be dealing with it a lot again if you’re taking up civil engineering. Excel (or any spreadsheet program) will allow you to chart your data and compute formulas and equations in an organized way. This will come in handy when you’re scheduling teams and other engineering related tasks.