Esports 101- What You Need To Know

If the term “eSports” ring a bell in your ears, but without clarity, the first thing to learn is that eSports stands for electronic sports. Just like e-commerce, or e-mail, e-sports too have become a thing of the present. If you have ever played online games, you’ll be glad to know that they are now stylishly referred to as eSports. Just like physical plays like soccer and baseball, eSports give the same thrill, but are played online.

How are eSports played?

Just like a traditional physical game which leads to competition between at least two teams or two individuals, eSports also involves teams and/or players. Similar to a traditional game where a team or individual loses to another, in any eSport too, there’s a team/individual that loses and another that wins. The winning team or individual is awarded with trophies and/or money, much like the winners of a physical game. They also gain respect and popularity among the audience, just like your favorite soccer or baseball player or team. Gaming platforms make use of specially designed software to organize esports tournaments.

Why are eSports worth a watch?

While many will question the need to watch e-sporting events rather than playing an online game themselves, eSports have a massive fan base. This is because it is fun to watch online gamers perform skills and tactics to win a game which is not possible by an intermittent hobbyist player. Just like you love watching your favorite basketball athlete score baskets, similarly, eSporting events are full of thrill and enthusiasm among their viewers.

Where can I watch e-sporting events?

Twitch is the most popular live streaming platform to watch e-sporting events. These can also be organized in large arenas to gather thousands of people to watch an e-sporting tournament live, just like a traditional game tournament.