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Tips To Increase Followers For Your Company’s Twitter Account

You have an established business and you want to promote it, well, the best way to do this is through social media and when it comes to it, Twitter is working as the mainstream platform for business promotions since a while now. But the question that arises is- how to reach out to such vast audiences, how to make them follow your company’s Twitter account, so here are a few tips on how you can achieve this.

Time your Tweets

You need to do this in order to let your tweets out only when your target audience would be available to see them. Check for the time when people are the most active on Twitter and try to post your content only in such hours so that your content reaches out to more and to the right people.

Make the content interesting with visuals

Try to make your profile an interesting one, adding more visuals to it. It is a known fact that visuals have more retention than words, and people tend to forget the words, but if you have catchy pictures and graphics with your content, they would certainly remember it. It becomes even more interesting when you add gifs, videos and other stuff with what you are writing and people are tempted to click to review the tweet.

Use popular and searchable hashtags

Short and nice hashtags are the key to getting a lot of followers in just a few days. They act like bonuses. By using the hashtags already running on twitter, or even your own, engage yourself in conversations, all over the world. This would make your profile very interactive and more people would want to join those conversations with you. The shorter your hashtags, the more attractive your tweets. Your hashtags should be searchable and your Twitter profile should work like an SEO.